Diabetic Eye Clinic

Diabetic Patients Face Unique Challenges

Diabetes is the most common cause of vision loss and blindness for people younger than 65. All patients with a diagnosis of diabetes or pre-diabetes should have comprehensive well-vision and vision-medical exams annually by a doctor with expertise in diabetic eye care.


Drs. Ferguson and O’Neal have improved the lives of countless patients through specialized vision-medical exams, comprehensive treatment plans and by coordinating treatment with patients’ primary care physicians.


Diabetic eye disease encompasses a wide range of problems, including dry eye, diabetic retinopathy (damage to blood vessels in the retina caused by high blood sugar), temporary blurry vision, early cataract formation as well as the risk of converting and developing glaucoma.


Dunes Eye Consultants uses the optimap® wide field screening device – the most advanced and effective technology used – to accurately evaluate the small vessel structure, making the diagnosis of diabetic eye disease at the earliest stages. Early detection and treatment allows for the best possible outcomes.


With proper diagnosis and treatment, Dunes Eye Consultants’ Diabetic Eye Clinic can help ensure the best overall eye health now and in the future.

90% of vision loss from diabetes can be prevented through comprehensive and diligent intervention, regular exams and follow-up appointments. To schedule your annual exam or learn how your diabetes diagnosis will affect your vision, contact the Diabetic Specialty Clinic today!