What is LASIK for Life?

LASIK for Life assures patients they can enjoy life – for years and years – with confidence knowing Dunes LASIK Center is committed to providing lifelong results!

LASIK vision correction is a safe and effective procedure that brings many patents’ vision beyond 20/20. LASIK for Life assures patients they will maintain the best possible vision throughout their lives.


All patients who have completed LASIK vision correction at Dunes LASIK Center are eligible if they complete all post-operative appointments after treatment and maintain a schedule of annual eye exams.


We are confident in the stability of the results achieved by Dunes LASIK Center. If you experience visual changes over time, Dunes LASIK Center will perform the same-technology procedure for only $399 per enhancement.


LASIK for Life begins with a free consultation! Learn about the procedure, its long-term success and your personalized treatment plan.

Toss those glasses for good … with confidence! Schedule your free consultation today.

Some restrictions apply. The refractive treatment covered in the Dunes LASIK Center (DLC) LASIK for Life plan must be related to a change in the refractive error originally threated. Myopic, hyperopic or astigmatism and not related to other changes in your vision or diseases, such as glaucoma, cataract, presbyopia, macular degenerations or diabetes. Reductions in vision due to disease, accident or other unrelated permanent or temporary conditions are not eligible. Correction of refractive error resulting from cataract surgery (or other eye surgeries like retinal surgery) is not covered under the DLC LASIK for Life plan.